Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Features of the Green Smoke E-Cig

When you purchase a Green Smoke e-cigarette starter kit you receive a little green box that has everything you’ll need to get started right away. As with most starter kits you receive a battery, wall plug, USB charger, and a few cartomizers (cartridge and atomizer). A unique addition to this kit is something that they refer to as a Green Smoke Club membership card. This wonderful little card provides some facts and answers to the most popular questions you or your friends and family may have; also containing a toll-free number that you can use to call for more information. Read more ...

can't find any serious problem.

4.4/5 An enjoyable electronic cigarette with impeccable brand reputation. Green Smoke.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Don Kiki Brown Label Review

A Cuban cigar produced by Green Smoke reviews, Don Kiki Brown Label are "made in small batches with attention to each and every detail".
I recently purchased a box of these bad boys on a recommendation from an old friend. Having smoked a few, I can understand the recommendation.
Initial inspection of the Cuban cigars showed an attractive stick, with a light brown, grainy cover and a metallic brown and gold band.
Cold drawing revealed a pleasant earthy taste and the Cuban cigars exhibited a pleasant smell.
Upon lighting, the senses are hit with taste that is both complex and exquisite.
Clove and graham are prominent with flavors of leather and earth keen to join in shortly after.
About an inch down, flavors of chocolate and licorice emerge complementing the other flavors excellently.
The stick has an even burn, but about half of them were underfilled, providing too easy a draw, which was quite unfortunate. Using a cigar punch on these bad eggs instead of cutting them helped to control the draw.
For only $2 a pop, you can't pass on these. I think Don Kiki Brown Label will become one of my favorite Cuban cigars for cold Winter days.

complex and delicious taste
pleasant aroma
only $2/stick

can be underfilled

3.5/5 An enjoyable Cuban cigar good for the budget.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cohiba Robusto Review

I recently purchased a box of these fine Cuban cigars from the Green Smoke for $300 and have smoked my way through 4 of them.
While not quite living up to their hype, Cohiba Robustos are a great stick.
The wrapper was smooth and veinless and cold drawing revealed good construction and grassy flavors.
For the first quarter inch I found the flavor to be a little rough. The eventual transformation to a smoother, full-bodied smoke with wooden and nutty flavors was delightful.
The Cuban cigars provided a smooth, even draw throughout and 3 of the 4 gave an even burn. The aroma was exceptional and the flavor good, if somewhat lacking in complexity.
I'm leaving the rest of the box in my humidor to age a few years. I look forward to smoking an older Cohiba Robusto, and will be purchasing more in the future.

a powerful, full-bodied smoke
good taste
exceptional aroma
perfect draw
even burn


4.5/5 A wonderfully constructed stick.

Monday, October 13, 2008

How to extinguish and relight Cuban Cigars

To extinguish Cuban cigars, allow the ashes to gently fall from the cigar. Cuban cigars are not meant to be tapped like a cigarette. You can carefully roll the ash off using the edge of an ashtray if you prefer to.

Cuban cigars may be relighted. To relight Cuban cigars, simply clean the ashes from the foot of the cigar by twisting its sides on the edge of an ashtray and then relight it.

Cuban Cigars: 5 Top Tips!

1. Don't inhale the smoke.
Smoking Cuban cigars is all about enjoying the taste and aroma. Drawing smoke into your lungs will not enhance the enjoyment and will likely shorten your life span.

2. "Purge" your Cuban cigars.
Every few puffs, you should purge your Cuban cigars by exhaling through it for 2-3 seconds. This will help prevent the build up of tars inside the length of your cigar, giving a sweeter smoke.

3. Make sure your Cuban cigars continue to burn evenly all around.
Examine your Cuban cigars periodically while smoking. Is it burning unevenly down one side, or "tunneling" into the filler? If so, do not continue to puff on the cigar, as this will draw a sooty, charred taste down its length. Instead, try purging your Cuban cigars as detailed above. Continue to do this until you can see the cigar burning evenly across the entire circumference.

4. Savor the smoke, don't hold it.
Don't hold the smoke in your mouth. Instead, take little puffs and raise your tongue towards the roof of your mouth, letting the smoke seep out slowly.

5. Don't oversmoke your Cuban cigars.
When smoking you will reach a point where purging will no longer prevent bitter tastes in your Cuban cigars. At this point, its time for a new cigar.

How to Light Cuban Cigars

Lighting Cuban cigars is one of the most enjoyable parts of smoking one and there are a variety of different ways to do it. Rather than giving you a comprehensive guide, I will go over the basics of how to get your Cuban cigars lit and you can adapt your own style.
I will break the lighting process down into steps for ease of use:

1. Heating.
Hold your flame near the tip of the Cuban cigar but not touching it for about 15 seconds to warm it up.

2. Lighting.
Bring the flame a little closer to the Cuban cigar but still not quite touching it. Begin to take short gentle puffs, or inhale and exhale through the Cuban cigar to draw the flame onto it, rotating the Cuban cigar as you go so that it is lit slowly and evenly.

3. Inspection.
When you think the Cuban cigar is lit, take it out of your mouth and blow gently on the lighted foot and, ensure that the Cuban cigar is lit evenly across its entire ring. If it isn't, repeat step 2.

Now, the other question that needs answering is, what should you use to light your Cuban cigars? I would recommend the following:

1. Non-butane needle-flame alcohol torch. These are great for lighting Cuban cigars as they burn cooler than butane. You can find them in laboratory supply houses. Use methanol (denatured alcohol) for a cool, even light.
2. Wooden Matches. Make sure you wait a few seconds after striking for the head to completely burn off before bringing the match near your cigar. This will stop your Cuban cigars getting a terrible sulphur taste.
2. Flint-style Butane Lighters.
3. Torch-Style Butane Lighters. These lighters can reach a temperature of over 1500 degrees. Because Cuban cigars are better when lit coolly, make sure you keep the flame away from the cigar and use its ambient heat for lighting.
4. Car cigarette lighter. This is a great tool for lighting Cuban cigars, giving a cool even light. Remember, these are designed for cigarettes, so will not work for large gauge cigars.
5. Cedar spills. This is a long thin strip of Spanish cedar which you light with another source and then use to light the cigar. It is quite difficult to use but looks impressive. If you like to be showy, give this a try.

Try to avoid the following methods for lighting as they will impact badly on the flavor of your Cuban cigars: Zippo lighters, candles and paper matches.

My style for lighting changes depending on which Cuban cigars I'm smoking and who I am smoking with. A majority of the time I like to use a simple butane lighter and I exhale rather than puff when lighting so that I don't draw smoke through the Cuban cigars from the initial light, as I find this can make Cuban cigars taste bad.
When I'm smoking with my buddies and trying to show off, I like to use wooden matches and cedar spills and short gentle puffs, as it looks far more impressive.
The milder a cigar, the slower and gentler I will light it, so as not to interrupt its flavor.
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